From Copernicus’ tech focused products, such as the iRover2 for Interactive Flat Panels, 3D Printer Cart, the Tech Tub2™ and Tech Tub™ Carts, STEM Maker Station, Dewey-the Document Camera Stand and 3 in 1 Interactive Easel, to the more traditional Easels, Reading/Writing Centers and book carts, the products strive to create interactive environments that bring education to life.

iRover2 for Interactive Flat Panels

Copernicus iRover Cart for Interactive Flat Panels

The iRover2™ for Interactive Flat Panels has been developed to aid the transition schools are making from interactive whiteboards to flat panel displays. The frame is specifically designed for rugged school environments. The design and placement of the legs, along with the electric lift function support ease-of-access for all students, including those with special needs accommodations. Adjust and control the flat panel height so it can be easily viewed by different grade levels using the electric lift control.


• Specifically designed for rugged school environments
• An electric lift function to adjust the flat panel height with 17″ range so the panel can be easily viewed by different grade levels (requires power)
• Large ergonomic handles to aid mobility and protect the screen from bumps in transport
• 2 Small Open Tubs
• Four 5″ swivel casters to aid maneuverability – 2 with locking brakes
• Fits through most standard size doorways
• Laptop tray fits securely onto the frame and can be stored away underneath the flat panel. Tray is suitable for all standard laptop sizes up to 17″
• 6 Outlet power strip (UL Certified)
• Hook and loop ties for cable management
• Uses Chief PSBUB or PSBU Universal mounting brackets (sold separately)
• Supports 55″ – 80″ flat panels with VESA mounting pattern of 862mm x 517mm (max) to 200mm x 200 mm (min) and a maximum weight of 200 lbs. Frame design supports ease-of-access for students in wheelchairs

Shown: iRover2 for Interactive Flat Panels with One Small Open Tub (Model: IFP300)


Video: Copernicus iRover2 Cart Overview


3D Printer Cart

Copernicus 3D printer cart with MakerBot Replicator+As schools explore the exciting capabilities of 3D printing, the need to properly store the required tools and materials increases. The Copernicus 3D Printer Cart allows printing equipment to be shared around the school easily and keeps everything you need close at hand. The Cart is also idea for libraries where diverse creative activities are undertaken and space is limited.


• Accommodates 3D printers with footprint up to 24″ W x 27″ D
• 4″ Casters, 2 locking with pinch point covers
• 6 Outlet Power Strip
• Adjustable filament spool holder (holds maximum of 4 spools)
• Sliding laptop shelf fits laptops up to 17″
• Magnets for attaching accessories to frame

Available in multiple configurations
Shown: Premium 3D Printer Cart (holding MakerBot Replicator+ not included)  (Model: TD5001) 


STEM Maker Station

Copernicus STEM Maker StationSchools everywhere are putting more and more emphasis on learning through building and hands-on experiences. The STEM Maker Station provides loads of flexible storage options that allows the cart to carry everything from robotic parts to paints, tools and manipulatives. The sturdy frame and casters make it suitable to move around the classroom, library or entire school.


• Base Tech Tub® for locking up specialized equipment and tools (supply your own padlock)
• Cardboard or material storage rack
• Tape/ribbon/string dispenser rack
• Coroplast overhead sign and display to personalize your station (letters not included)
• Hooks for hanging accessories/tools
• Large bottom shelf
• Whiteboard for collaborative brainstorming and project planning
• Pegboard for tool storage
• 4 Small Open Tubs, 4 Large Open Tubs, 4 Tiny Tubs
• 4” casters, 2 with brakes and pinch point covers
• 6 outlet power strip (STEM-AC1) -optional accessory

Shown: STEM Maker Station Premium (Model: STEM100) 

Tech Tub2™

Copernicus TechTub FFT632

Designed with input from members of Copernicus’ Idea Lab educator advisory team, the Tech Tub2™ family of products offer an affordable, flexible and mobile solution for charging and storing iPads®, Chromebooks™ and other tablets.

Tech Tubs™ are specifically useful in schools where the growth in technology is paramount. A competitive price point ensures that schools can invest more in core technology programs rather than alternative high cost locking and charging systems. The Tech Tub™ system supports a “grow your technology” approach to purchasing.Tech Tubs™ are secure, highly portable and lightweight, making them particularly classroom and student friendly.


• Designed with two ergonomic handles on the door and back as well as a flip up handle on the top to make carrying easier
• Holds all generations of iPads®, most 11″ Chromebooks™ and other tablets
• Adjustable shelves accommodate devices with and without cases
• Easy-to-use side cable organizer and lower compartment to keep cords and adapters tidy
• Internal 6 outlet power strip with surge protection
• Cable hooks on the back to manage cords during transport
• Made from durable, high impact ABS plastic
• Ventilation holes throughout to prevent heat build-up
• Mounting hardware to secure tub to a surface
• 3-point lock with keys

Available in many configurations
Shown: Modular cart with 6 Premium TechTubs capable of holding and charging 36 devices (Model: FTT634) 

3 in 1 Interactive Easel

Copernicus 3 in 1 Interactive Easel

The 3 in 1 is an ideal multi-functional workspace for PreK-3 classrooms that face challenges with space restrictions and busy environments. The mobile center uses finger or pen touch interactive projectors and operates in 3 modes:

Easel Mode:

When set in easel mode the 3 in 1 allows for all students, including those with special needs, to interact with the technology and reach previously inaccessible parts of the work surface.

Table Mode:

The table mode is perfect for small group activities where students can collaborate on a interactive surface. The durable surface has rounded corners to ensure students and teachers avoid painful bumps.

Floor Mode:

In floor mode, students can completely immerse themselves in the content and physically interact with the lesson. Special needs students with mobility restrictions can easily participate in activities to create a truly inclusive learning environment.


• Durable tabletop surface with rounded corners suitable for primary classes (surface is not dry erase)
• Tech Tub Base (TEC57) included
• 2 Small Tubs ideal for headphone storage and 1 Open Tub for accessories
• Retractable swivel laptop tray that holds laptops up to 17″
• 6 outlet power strip and cable management
• Four 3″ casters, two locking
• Easy to use pedal for table and easel mode position changes

Shown: 3 in 1 Interactive Easel *Projector sold separately

Dewey The Document Camera Stand

Copernicus Dewey Document Camera StandA world of opportunity seen through a small window.

Turn your devices, including your smartphones and iPads®, into a document camera by utilizing the camera app. The sturdy frame sets up quickly, mounts to surfaces and provides teachers and students with the opportunity to share work, ideas and anything else that inspires.


• Spring loaded clamp holds all versions of iPad® with a camera and various smartphones with or without cases (excludes 12.9 inch iPad Pro)
• Height adjustable
• 90° rotating mount that swivels and tilts, keeping the device secure
• Headphone holder
• Mounting holes on the base for securing Dewey to a surface
• Compatible with Apple® AV adapters and Apple TV

Shown: Dewey the Document Camera Stand with headphone holder