Audio Visual Consulting

Great outcomes start with great planning

Engaging our certified team of audio visual experts early on can help flawlessly integrate technology into your designs before the first beam even goes up.

Visual Sound takes a client-focus approach utilizing audio visual theory and years of practice to create an aesthetically pleasing design that compliments the architecture of your space.

Visual Sound allows you to leverage our in-house certified design engineers as well as our longstanding relationships with several hundred manufacturers to assist in specifying and/or coordinating the technology for planned spaces.

Partnering with Visual Sound early enables you to:

  • Locate any hidden-behind-the-wall impediments that may affect special lighting features or sound and video systems.
  • Ensure architectural spaces meet the design requirements, system functionality, construction and industry standards for audio visual systems.
  • Keep expenses down. Audio visual technology can be expensive to retrofit when not originally incorporated in the plan.
  • Work with someone who is up-to-date on all the most recent audio visual technologies, trends, and products.

Ready for an upgrade?

Look to Visual Sound’s certified and trained consultants to evaluate your current audio visual system regardless of the initial integration and discover the technology that compliments or enhances your ever-evolving needs.