Immersive Reality

Transport your students to immersive worlds of learning, without leaving the learning spaces.

Dive into a world where imagination meets reality with Immersive Reality—a cutting-edge gateway that connects physical and digital environments like never before. Harnessing the transformative power of Virtual Reality without the need for a headset, these immersive spaces allow students to come together to experience places and activities as if they were on a traditional field trip. By integrating engaging life skill activities such as collaborative problem-solving and real-world simulations, students will thrive in these multi-dimensional environments, fueling motivation and achieving outstanding outcomes for all.

Welcome to a new era of learning and exploration with Immersive Reality.


Complete control in a CGI free roam environment
The perfect space for safe exploration, allowing students to take their learning beyond the classroom.


Shared collaborative spaces accessible for all.
We work directly with you to understand the needs of your students


Experience is the best teacher
An Immersive Reality space breaks down barriers, making almost any experience possible.


Engage in transformative education
We deliver an authentic learning dimension for students to better understand the subject or life skill being taught.

Immersive Reality in Education

Immersive Reality spaces provide another dimension for teachers to engage with their students. Our superb space immerses users in scenes that promote an increased comprehension and retention of the subject or skill being taught, while promoting group participation and social interaction.

You can now capture the imagination of your students like never before, with high-quality content specialized to your curricular needs. From early literacy skills and storytelling, through to STEM, college and career readiness, your students will benefit from an enhanced educational experience, whatever their age or ability.

Implementing Immersive Reality

Visual Sound will equip your space with the latest laser projection technology to provide a full 360 experience that is further enhanced with a fully integrated floor and full audio. Innovative solutions allow users to engage with the system through touch sensitive walls, full interactive floor, and gesture control. Multi-touch walls react to hands, arms or feet and provide an exciting and engaging way to interact with the content.

CGI - Exploration Environments Amazing computer-generated 360° worlds that can be explored by users – unlike any other immersive experience.
CGI - Interactive Scenes Stunning computer-generated 360° scenes that allow us to create interactive user experiences.
360 ° HD Video Incredible high definition 360° video that wraps around the room, creating an extraordinary experience.
360º HD Images Superb high definition 360° images wrap around the room, creating the feeling that you are really there.


Using state of the art media software, Immersive Reality creates original and interactive digital content made exclusively for these spaces.

  • Exploration – Explore the Artic and Polar regions, including the northernmost parts, The USA, Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. See which birds and animals live in this icy region.
  • Dynamic Education - Explore our solar system – the Sun and the 8 planets that rotate around it, with their moons and other celestial objects.
  • Simulations – Users develop real life skills, social skills and math skills by walking through the supermarket, picking up items before paying for them with a credit or debit card.


Immersive Reality is a shared, collaborative environment, adaptable to the social and emotional learning needs of all users.

  • Education – A new dimension to interactive learning, providing every student with the opportunity to succeed.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing – Highly absorbing, the perfect enabling environment, to support therapy and emotion regulation.
  • Versatile – Exploration and experimentation allow learners to have positive and engaging learning experiences.
  • Ease of Use – Intuitive one-touch tablet interface for the instructor and adapter controllers for students.

Is your class ready to enter the world of Immersive Reality? Find out how to get started.

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