Collaborative Classroom Technology

Visual Sound solutions support collaboration through a wide range of complementary technologies, including interactive displays, tablets and smartphones which can connect though the cloud or local network. We will guide you through utilizing the latest technologies for you to display and view individual or group projects on front of room displays, laptops and/or any type of mobile devices whether in the classroom or at home.

Interactive Displays

Allowing you to communicate with your classroom more effectively, interactive displays and curriculum based software gives you the power to easily create a stimulating and engaging learning environment for your students – no matter the age or subject matter.


Transform existing dry erase whiteboards, plain walls, and tables into interactive workspaces for easy sharing & collaboration in the classroom. High-performance, network ready projectors provide a fully integrated system to wirelessly share & compare students’ work from multiple devices while remaining budget friendly for the modern-day learning environment.

Interactive Podiums and Lecterns

Bring your presentations to life while never losing your classroom’s attention!

Interactive podiums and lecterns bring the technology to your fingertips with virtually no set up time. Untethered with flexible mobility, products like the Hovercam Battery Pilot 5 and the SMART Podium 624 lets instructors capture ideas and save feedback for greater comprehension and learning.

STEM Technology

Help your K-12 and CTE students learn using real-world skills with innovations in STEM technology. Design a makerspace lab with tools that specialize in design-based learning, analytical problem-solving, coding, 3D printing, and AR/VR experiences. Combine these tools to create an environment where your students can freely use their imagination to astounding new heights!


Utilizing functional classroom furniture, carts, storage, and easels is a great way to ensure student comfort, as well as their emotional & physical safety. Keep devices secure with locked media storage solutions. Disinfecting products clean devices and hands. UV Tech Tub.

Start building better collaboration now.

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