Remote & Blended Learning Technology

Technology is more important now than ever. Schools need to create a seamless experience for students physically attending class, along with those learning remotely from home. Whether you are looking to stream class, lectures, events, remotely interview guest speakers or offer online/hybrid courses, Visual Sound can provide you with the tools and the training you need to succeed.

How can blended learning technology improve student’s learning?

Built-in cameras and microphones on the instructor’s computer can cause confusion and hinder learning. Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, along with sound enhancement, and amplification technology like the ones featured in the package below allows students and teachers better clarity in video communication creating a more seamless learning process.

Visual Sound can help you customize a virtual, blended learning experience that will accommodate your school's unique requirements.

Take a closer look at equipment included in the blended and remote learning package

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

This pan/tilt/zoom camera can be placed on a desktop, table or tripod (tripod is an option that can be added at anytime.) Camera has a USB output that will connect directly to a computer or USB Hub. One 15 ft. USB Cable included.

USB Speakerphone

This speakerphone has several integrated microphones with a 360° pick up pattern that will capture teacher & student speech within a 20-foot radius. Students hear far-ended speech over the integrated speakers.

USB Multi-port Hub

This powered 7-port USB hub can connect up to 7 devices. i.e camera, microphone, mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. Connect the hub to an available USB port on a MAC or Windows PC for complete connectivity.

Front Row Juno

This wireless microphone/speaker system connects to a computer via bluetooth. Includes a wireless microphone on a lanyard for teachers, a wireless handheld student microphone & and speaker column to hear far-end speech in the classroom. Each microphone has an on/off/mute with an operating range of 98ft. line of sight.

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