Streaming Services

Visual Sound can help you take your events into the virtual space ensuring that they are professionally produced and recorded while mitigating technical issues.

Our live streaming and webcasting services allow for greater flexibility, engagement and reach for corporate meeting and events, commencements and graduations, townhalls, training and group functions, worship sermons, concerts and more.

We provide everything required from pre-production, equipment, technical staff, landing pages, platform engines and more through to the final product for a seamless and engaging experience.

Visual Sound’s experts provide a live broadcast online and have the right tools to ensure that no one misses the big day–wherever they may be on the big day! Anyone with an internet connection and a connected device (e.g., smartphone, computer, tablet, smart TV) can tune in live.


Services include:

  • Video/audio recording and live feed of scheduled speakers, keynotes, entertainment and more either in-person or via webcam from their home or office
  • Pre-production of audio, video content and custom graphics and stream online at designated date and time
  • Produce and stream the event live from your venue
  • A proprietary platform for viewing, archival recording, and more!

Video Streaming Packages

Improve the quality of your video streams with these solutions designed by the certified engineers at Visual Sound.
Don't see a package that fits your needs?
We can design a custom package based on your exact requirements.