Live Streaming Packages

Visual Sound has live streaming packages designed especially for you!

Wi-Fi Camera Setup

  • Smartphone, tablet, or webcam
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Ideal For: personal, one-to-one, small groups in a single room meetings/broadcasts

The simplest way to go live is to use equipment that you already have. This basic single camera setup allows you to connect to the internet easily, so you can stream directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms through your installed apps. There are limitations to this setup, including lower quality videos, the lack of picture-in-picture capabilities and HD recording

Wi-Fi camera set-up is free:  You got this!

Single HD Camera Setup

  • HD Video Camera
  • Tripod
  • Video Encoder
  • Wi-Fi Connection or Mobile Wi-Fi Device
  • Ideal For: Small Seminars, Meetings,  Events and Church Services

Provides a polished, professional look and sound for your stream. Single packages generally only require one technician to operate the equipment, with a “fixed” camera position

Single HD Camera Packages begin at $1,950 per day/session

Multi-Camera Setup

  • Multiple HD Video Cameras or Camcorders
  • Tripods
  • Video Encoder
  • HD Video Switcher
  • Audio Mixer
  • Computer Graphics Software
  • Wi-Fi Connection or Mobile Wi-Fi Device
  • Ideal For: Large Scale Events, Town Halls, Leadership Messaging, Church Services, Concerts and Theater Plays

For larger venues, you’ll require more production hardware: multiple HD cameras and devices consolidate audio and video signals for broadcast on the web. Multiple cameras allow us to capture video from various angles  for more engaging content.

Multi-Camera Packages begin at $3,500 per day/session

Now is the time to start thinking about your upcoming events

Visual Sound can produce and stream your event with the ease and professionalism you deserve.