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The Art & Science of Acoustics

Our design engineers and implementation staff take great pride in their ability to achieve world-class audio solutions in even your most challenging environment.

Visual Sound Auditorium Sound System InstallationArmed with decades of experience in audio systems design and aesthetics, we provide you with a system that satisfies both the casual and the critical user – no matter your venue. We faithfully strive to deliver the impact and dynamics of any live or pre-recorded material you wish to present.
Creating your ideal sound system is a complex process that begins with measurement and testing to determine your room’s acoustical characteristics and any obstacles that need to be overcome architecturally. The information we gather is then used to create an audio system that will achieve the desired sound quality for your venue – whether it’s voice reinforcement or sound reproduction.

Before the installation begins, we check our design extensively using simulations that predict its performance capability and the results it will achieve. We enable you to audition how the sound will be perceived by you in your venue. Only when we are both 100 percent satisfied with the results will the design be declared complete. Then, at the completion of the integration process, we can compare the design’s performance with the actual performance of your venue.

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