Service Contract Sales Representative

Position Responsibilities:

Work with customers to renew existing service agreements or sell new service agreements based on assigned territories by the Service Manager.

  1. This position requires interaction with internal and external customers from quotation generation through the Purchase Order processing phase.
  2. Renew assigned existing service agreements (preventative and/or service maintenance contracts) with customers that buy audio visual systems. Customer retention rate target of 80% minimum expected.
  3. Responsible for generating quotations for the renewal of service agreements for current customers as assigned by Service Manager.
  4. Perform research using a variety of different databases, including customer history database, service management database, contact management database, installation database and financial database, all of which store inquiries and information that has received from a customer and/or prospective customer.
  5. Consult with Field Service Engineers, Customer Service Reps, and/or System Engineers to ensure that complex service agreements are quoted accurately prior to customer delivery.
  6. Work with Service Manager to negotiate agreement cost structure for cost competitive customer agreements to aid in customer retention and minimize loss of business.
  7. Work closely with Service Manager to ensure that complex quotations are entered accurately.
  8. Follow up regularly with the Service Coordinator to ensure that service is performed as required including all PM visits.
  9. Generate new service agreements (to new clients and existing clients) for assigned territory.


  1. A 2 year collage degree or equivalent work experience required.
  2. Minimum 1 year work experience in sales related field
  3. Previous customer service experience preferred.
  4. Strong typing skills preferred.
  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  6. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.



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