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zSpace combines Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to create the ultimate learning experience. The zSpace Learning Lab includes a suite of educational software, hundreds of learning activities and apps ready for integration into your curriculum, and zSpace all-in-one Virtual reality Computers.

Inspire Curiosity. Engage Students

Creating engagement through exploration and experimentation and experiential learning in a student-centered environment defines the zSpace learning experience. Concepts and places typically left to the imagination become tangible.

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zSpace Elephant

Build Student Confidence

zSpace developed fearless learners through an environment where safety is guaranteed, supplies are unlimited and experimentation is encouraged. Through life-like experiences, zSpace levels the playing field of student experience. As confidence grows and engagement is built, student interest in STEM careers expands.

zSpace Medical Lab

Deepen Student Understanding

zSpace encourages students to inquire, take risks, and solve problems while building background knowledge to be successful. From creating original experiments to designing new objects, zSpace elevates opportunities for students to apply their learning. Student collaboration creates numerous opportunities for rich acade


zSpace in K12 Education

zSpace applications engage students in standards-based learning experiences that align with the curriculum. Students construct knowledge and understanding of concepts across multiple curriculum areas with a strong focus on STEM subjects.

zSpace in the classroom

Learning with zSpace

zSpace provides experiences and the medium to support instruction and students’ learning and curiosity. Students learn by asking questions, gathering information, developing models, testing ideas, analyzing data, and developing conclusions. Teachers facilitate learning by setting up tools and resources that help students through the lesson.

zSpace for Career Technical Education (CTE)

Prepare students for careers in automotive mechanics, health and medicine, and welding with applications designed to provide interactive, hands-on learning experiences.

zSpace CTEAutomotive Training

The Automotive VR Training System by GTA offers extraordinary hands-on experiences while improving student interest and performance in mechanic training. These applications greatly expand the opportunities available to students by eliminating consumables, reducing training space, and allowing students to practice in a safe environment.

​zSpace for Medical Learning

zSpace provides an immersive learning platform for medical training, allowing students to examine virtual living body structures with accurate anatomical representation, plan procedures, and present findings.

zSpace Gross Anatomy ScreenGross Anatomy VR Lab

Promote kinesthetic learning of human anatomy by coupling zSpace with VIVED Anatomy. Students can fully explore over 13,500 anatomical objects by systems and regions using accurate Anatomica Termilogica. This is the perfect solution to augment an existing cadaver lab.

Curriculum Subject Areas Include:

Life Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, History & Geography, Math, Arts

Thousands of models available for exploration and investigation:

Anatomy • Animals • Animated • Astronomy • Biology • Buildings • Chemistry • Dissectible • Environment • Fun • Furniture • Historical • Insects • Landmarks • Math • Mechanical • Plants • Sculpture • Space • Storytelling • Vehicles

Content Overview:
Life Science:

Animal Life Cycles • Human Anatomy • Biochemistry • Biomes • Cells and Viruses • Chemistry • Classification • Ecology • Evolution • Food Web • Genetics • Relationships • Zoology

Physical Science:

Electrical Current • Energy and Collisions • Mechanical Structure and Function • Momentum and Impulse • Motion in Straight Line • Newtonian Mechanics • Projectile Motion • Troubleshooting

Engineering Design:

Design Thinking • Project Based Learning

Earth & Space Science:

Environmental Issues • Fossils • Geographic Features • Human Impact • Natural Hazards • Solar System and Space


Base 10 Operations • Rations and Proportions • Volume and Surface Area • Fractions • Place Value • Graphing • 2D and 3D Shapes • Cross-sections • Algebra • Geometry

History and Geography:

Culture • World History • U.S. History • Parts of the U.S.A. • Parts of the World


Music • Sculpting

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