Command & Control

VSI CC Rendering - Cover

Having a Command & Control Center means more than just controlling a situation, it’s the heartbeat of your organization. It requires constant monitoring, reliable information, a clear view of an event as it unfolds so you can make data informed decisions and neutralize escalations. Command and Control Centers track quality and security, help mitigate response and risks in emergencies, and ensure hubs are connected and protected.

The Visual Sound Command & Control team has over 44 years of combined experience developing solutions for mission-critical centers across the country. We know that no two centers are alike, and the needs and ergonomic factors for your rooms are specific for your team and integral to your success.

With a full understanding of NERC, CIP, and FERC regulations you can trust Visual Sound to engineer and design your room with the specifications and expertise you require to ensure that your operations are seamless so you can take command of any situation!